Effective practice management software and strategies for the medical domain

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Our EMR (EHR) Practice Management systems support: encryption, user profiles, charts, custom reports, insurance, billing, HR, schedules, searches, and much more.

Medical Software, EMR Management System

Fields of Code Medical software is used to manage and analyze the medical clinic. Solutions were designed to make your clinic administration secure, user friendly, quick and cost efficient.  Our Medical Software has built in encryption, and security to manage users and to equally protect the information whether in the database or backup files.

Use Fields of Code Medical Software to strengthen your ability to conform to costly regulatory compliance issues related to EMR management, at a reasonable price. Protect your patient records by encryption and restrictive user profiles. Help your staff prevent accidental deletions by setting their document-delete-permissions off for most of the year. To find out more about particular features of our medical software, or how to order our products, select one of the links below.


Fields of Code Medical 2.0

Medical Software (EMR)

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Fields of Code Medical Software includes a variety of features, for example: enhanced graphical  treatment charts, annotations, color coded periodontal charts, user friendly reporting with the ability to create an unlimited number of custom reports using images, fonts, colors, and more.

Use our Medical Software to take advantage of intuitive patient billing. Select billing items from lookups that connect to existing fee schedules. Copy any number of fee schedules between documents and upgrade them by using the built-in mathematical functions to account for inflation, addition of flat fees to all, and more.

Our Medical Software implements groups of entities that are generated either automatically by the system based on user specified criteria, by manual additions, or both in mixed mode. Use these to find specific account balances, relationships between documents, or to manage work tasks and progress on groups of patients, employees, contacts, locations or reports.