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SOS Cards and Procedures

One or more SOS cards were sent to you FREE with your order and installation package. The cards are easy to identify, they have the Fields of Code logo, an SOS label, and a unique serial number. Most clinics do not need more than one or two cards. Clients can request additional SOS cards free of charge.

No two SOS cards are the same and none of the cards are interchangeable. Each card represents a data owner, i.e. a particular person, team or clinic. A good practice is to have only one person know the SOS ID on each team.

When to Use Your SOS ID?

An administrator who initializes the patients database should use the card when prompted by the system. At times other than database formatting, the card should be kept under lock to prevent impersonation and fraud.

How Can The SOS Card Help You?

SOS cards are crucial in assistance with data submitted for password extraction. The data referred to can be any export files or detached MS SQL databases.

The SOS watermark in the data, confirms your ownership for the submitted files in a support session that requires password recovery. Without ownership authentication, our support team will not help with the password extraction.

Protect Your Data!

Fields of Code will never call you to verify your SOS ID. Unless you have initiated a support ticket first, or sent our support team your files that contain real patient data, there is no reason for our team to contact clients and verify IDs.

In Conclusion...

Use the SOS ID when required by your Fields of Code system installation only, this is at the time you format a new database for use with our software.

The SOS ID will be used to watermark all data originating from your database.

Do not share your SOS ID with individuals that you do not wish to be considered "owners" of your data, to prevent them from becoming eligible for full support and password extraction.

Remember to request additional SOS cards if you share your computer and software with other physicians or dentists, i.e. if your teams do not share all patient data in all your databases. Remember that the SOS card service is FREE to all Fields of Code clients.

More information

You can find out more about using the SOS card in your installed Fields of Code system's help file.