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Our EMR (EHR) Practice Management systems support: encryption, user profiles, charts, custom reports, insurance, billing, HR, schedules, searches, and much more.

Technical Support

Fields of Code is committed to provide free support for all our products. There are several methods for contacting our support team:


Submit a
This is the most effective method for contacting our support team. It allows a thorough and timely response to your questions and issues. We require an optional phone number with your request if you wish to additionally communicate to us in person.
Email Send a message to

to receive support with your issue.
Phone Use the phone numbers provided on the Contact page to talk to a support specialist.

There are several support issues that require special attention, as follows:

Communication caveat for unencrypted client data

Do not use email to send us passwords and unencrypted private confidential patient material. If you have no means to encrypt your data, you can create a Contact document in your Fields of Code system, use the Data page to add your content there, then export the Contact document to a file and attach the file in an email.

When emailing data to Fields of Code Support Team our preferred format is the Fields of Code export file. This format is encrypted and protected and therefore, admissible for support. The support team will follow the routine authentication procedure to ascertain you are the owner of the data. For more information read the documentation sent to you with the product.


Forgot your password?

If you forgot the password to an export file or database, you may need assistance in recovering the password from the data you have created.

When data is sent in to us for a password recovery procedure, our team must confirm the identity of that data's owners. We do not deliver passwords to files sent in by an unauthenticated source.

If you used your SOS ID to watermark the data, then you are eligible for support with this matter. Read more about the SOS card, which was shipped to you with the product, in the Help file and the additional documentation accompanying it.

The SOS procedure is a FREE, courtesy technical support service that allows clients to maintain privacy of their data when they wish to share files during a support event. Note that Fields of Code will never request access to your data, and the procedure is applicable only if a client asked for our help. The typical example is when losing the password to an exported file and help is requested to recover the password.