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Our EMR (EHR) Practice Management systems support: encryption, user profiles, charts, custom reports, insurance, billing, HR, schedules, searches, and much more.

Software Return Policy

If you are not satisfied with our software, or if the software will not activate even after you have worked with the Fields of Code Support Team to install the license, your remedy shall be one of the following, depending on how you acquired the software:

  • If you purchased the software license through a retail store or directly from Fields of Code, you may:
    • Uninstall the software and return it within thirty (30) days of purchase from the retail store, or from shipment of the software by Fields of Code, back to Fields of Code at the mailing address on the Contact page, along with a dated receipt for a full refund. If purchased through download, uninstall the software, destroy all additional copies and return the dated receipt back to Fields of Code at the address on the Contact page; or

    • Request the replacement of a defective CD/DVD from Fields of Code of the version and edition of the software you purchased within sixty (60) days of purchase, provided that you first contact Fields of Code Technical Support Team using the contact methods listed on the Support page, as Fields of Code may be able to help you remedy the problem you are having with your CD/DVD. If Fields of Code Support Team is unable to help remedy the problem with your CD/DVD, you might be requested to return your defective CD/DVD and dated proof of purchase to the mailing address specified on our Contact page in order to receive a replacement CD/DVD.
  • If you obtained the software by downloading it from the Fields of Code web site onto your computer, and the software did not install properly, try to download again if applicable, and install it again before contacting Fields of Code Technical Support.

In each case, you must have a dated receipt within thirty (30) days of purchase, accompanied by a Return Authorization Number (RAN) issued by Fields of Code Support before you can receive a refund. You must contact Fields of Code Support prior to mailing us any return information or materials to provide with with your unique RAN. Returns missing the Fields of Code RAN will not be processed.